07960 certified physical therapist

07960 Certified Physical Therapist

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Have you sustained a sports injury, been injured in an auto accident, or are recovering from a surgical procedure and are looking for a 07960 certified physical therapist? For exceptional care, your best choice is Therapeutics Unlimited. Our practice is a dynamic multi-disciplinary physical therapy office in Morristown dedicated to exceptional care. We are dedicated to serving our neighborhood with the most advanced and innovative care. We provide a full scope of therapeutic services to help you regain optimal functionality, mobility, range of motion, and overall wellness. In addition to therapy, Therapeutics Unlimited provides extensive follow-up including our Post-gym and Education programs. These programs help patients successfully integrate therapy goals and achievements into everyday living. Depending on your condition, you may require one or more type of therapy.

Our 07960 certified physical therapist may be prescribed as part of the treatment or rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries. It typically involves strengthening and flexibility exercises, nerve stimulation, and massage. Physical therapy is often helpful in reducing pain, increasing strength, improving range of motion, and reducing inflammation. If you have surgery, physical therapy may be prescribed as part of the healing process to regain mobility and increase flexibility. It can also prevent future injuries by instructing you in the use of proper body mechanics and providing strengthening exercises. As our flagship program, most of our patients receive some form of physical therapy. Whether the patient is pre or post an orthopedic surgery, suffering from arthritis, has balance and gate issues, or simply has back pain, our therapists will custom design a physical therapy program to serve the patients needs.

The experienced physicians and innovative physical therapists at Therapeutics Unlimited are specially trained to treat a wide range of conditions or injuries that occur. We treat patients with problems that range from broken bones, arthritis, and Repetitive Stress Injuries, and tendon injuries, to name a few. Our therapists are licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy, and have received advanced degrees. Additionally, our therapists participate in Continuing Education programs and attend physical therapy conferences and seminars. Their knowledge, in addition to their extensive years of experience allow them to create the best possible individual treatment plans for each patient. If you are recovering from an injury, or are seeking a 07960 certified physical therapist, give us a call today.

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